Cake Inscriptions Here are some suggestions for what to write on your cake.


  • Birthday Wishes For You
  • Happy 29th....Again!
  • Happy Half-Century
  • Happy Times to You
  • Whooo's Birthday?? It's John's!(used with owl)
  • Just for You, (Name)
  • Swinging Into Another Year (golf or baseball)
  • (Name) Sinks Another Year (basketball)
  • On Your Special Day
  • Happy 29th....Again!
  • Your Vintage Year- Happy Birthday!


  • Love Is Something Special
  • I Have Everything- I Have You
  • Happy Half-Century
  • For A Happy Couple
  • To the Happy Couple
  • For A Special Couple
  • Love is Something Special
  • Celebrating Another Year In Love
  • Here’s to 25 More!
  • Just Married - 50 Years Ago!
  • Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.

Baby Shower

    • Someone special, someone new,
      (Name) we love you!
    • Someone special, someone dear
      (Name) is almost here!
    • Straight from heaven up above a
      little child for us to love
    • Sweet as sugar, cute as pie (Name)
      is the apple of our eye!
    • Bottles, booties, diapers, & pins,
      this is where the fun begins!
    • Little fingers, little toes everyday
      our love for you grows
    • Little hands and little feet Baby
      (Name) is oh so sweet!
    • The big day is drawing near
      (Name) is almost here!
    • Tiny baby, small and sweet
      Mom-to-be can't see her feet!
    • Pink or blue, we do love you!
    • Pretty dresses, little curls oh thank
      heaven for little girls!
    • Planes and trains and tonka toys thank
      the Lord for little boys!
    • Children are gifts from God
    • Mom and Dad are full of joy, lets welcome
      their new girl or boy!
    • Nothing's sweeter in all the world
      than a precious baby girl
    • 50% Mom 50% Dad
    • A gift of love from Heaven above
    • To the mother-to-be and her sweet little pea
    • Welcome New Arrival
    • For the New Arrival
    • Congratulations Mom
    • For the Baby
    • Best of Baby Blessings to the (Name) Family
    • Precious little child, snuggled warm and tightly
    • we can't wait until you're here to
      kiss and cuddle nightly
    • Girl or Boy, A Bundle of Joy!
    • Pink or Blue, We Welcome You
    • Pink or Blue, May Your Wish Come True
    • Pink or Blue- (parent's names) Will Take TWO!
    • Girl or Boy, You'll Bring Much Joy
    • Congratulations to You & Your
      Somebunny New (bunny design)
    • We're Beary Happy For You (bear design)
    • Congratulations on Your New Alarm Clock!
    • A New Baby Has Come From Above to
      Fill Your Hearts With Love
    • A Baby is God's Greatest Gift
    • God Bless You & Your New Baby
    • Welcome, Bundle of Joy!
    • Welcome, Little One
    • Welcome, Bundle of Happiness
    • Welcome, Bundle of Love
    • For A Very Special Baby - Yours!
    • Expecting A Most Precious Arrival
    • Happy Expectations
    • Happy 'Labor Day'!
    • A Shower of Blessings
    • Baby Love
    • A Star Is Born
    • Diapers & Pins, A New Life Begins
    • Guess Who's Coming to Your House?
    • The Stork is Coming- Happy Motherhood
    • Special Delivery For
      (parent's names) (stork design)
    • A Baby Has A Special Way
      of Adding Joy to Every Day
    • Good-Bye Tummy, Hello Mummy!


  • God's Blessings on (Name)
  • God's Blessings on (Name's) Confirmation
  • Receive the Spirit, (Name)
  • Dear God, Bless This Child Forevermore
  • God Bless(xxx)on This Happy Christening Day
  • Christened On This Day- (Date) (Name)
  • Love to (Name) on His/Her Christening Day
  • God Bless

  • Engagement

    • Finally Caught (him/her)
    • Two, to Become One
    • For Two Special People
    • Marry Me
    • With This Ring, Be Mine

    • House Warming

      • A New Home...A Place To Grow
      • A Place For All Your Dreams To Grow
      • Happiness Is Your New Nest
      • Home Sweet Home
      • Congratulations on Your New Home
      • There's No Place Like Home
      • Home Is Where The Heart Is
      • Happiness is A New Tee-Pee

      • Graduation/Promotion

        • Hats Off to the Grad!
        • TGIG....Thank God (or Goodness) I Graduated!
        • Class of (Year), Congratulations
        • Congratulations to One Smart Cookie
        • Hip, Hip, Hooray- You're On Your Way!
        • Congratulations- You've Got a
          Great Future On Tap
        • To One Of The Best, From All The Rest
        • A Star For the Graduate
        • You've Passed Readin', Ritin', and Rithmetic
        • Best Wishes For A Great Future
        • You're On Your Way Up
        • On Your Special Day
        • Congratulations, Graduate
        • Congratulations On Your Success
        • May All Your Dreams Come True!

        • Bridal Shower

          • Showers Of Happiness
          • The Two of You Are Becoming One-
            That's One-derful!
          • Best Wishes For A Lifetime of
            Wonderful Tomorrows
          • Best Wishes For A Lifetime of Happiness
          • Lucky In Love
          • ....And They Lived Happily Ever After
          • From Miss to Mrs., With Our Best Wishes!
          • (Name), The Best is Yet to Come!
          • Shower of Good Wishes
          • Have A Happy Life Together
          • Happy Hearts Forever
          • Congratulations to the Future Mrs. (Name)
          • Bouquets of Good Wishes
          • Like Happiness & Love...
            May You Always Go Hand in Hand
          • Get Me to the Church on Time
          • May This Be the Beginning of All Your
            Dreams Come True
          • May Your Love for each Other Blossom & Grow
          • Happiness, Today & Always
          • As You Start Your Life Together
          • To The Happy Couple
          • May All Your Dreams Come True
          • God Bless Your Marriage